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It is as easy as filling in the form or giving our expert team a call. Get back the money that is rightfully yours, start to claim it back today! Our friendly team of industry experts will look over your evidence even if they are many years old or on paid off finance, there could still be a case for compensation. We deal with lots of people like you each day, PPI claims is our speciality and we are here to help you get back what is rightfully yours.

You may be owed thousands in compensation

You may have been paying for PPI on a mortgage, credit card or loan for many years, totalling thousands of pounds. Imagine what getting back all that money will do for you now!

 We only take on a PPI case if we believe it will win and because we offer a guarantee it won't cost you a penny unless you are succesful. We are open about our fees and are allways willing to discuss our service, how it works and when you will get your money.

After claiming back thousands of pounds sucesfully for many of our PPI claim customers we are confident and adept at winning cases that other providers may not take on.

We don't believe in wasting your time, if using our knowledge of the compensation market we think you will win we can go forward with your claim.

Billions of pounds in PPI compensation is being refunded by the banks

Claiming back compensation from your bank can seem daunting but we are here to help. If you are unsure or just curious whether you were mis-sold payment protection insurance then we would be delighted to look into your case. New or old, we will work with you and hopefully get you back a substantial amount of moeny that will change your life forever.

Not all of our customers are entitled to thousands of pounds in refunds but many are, all cases are different and to find out more fill in the enquiry form above or give our dedicated UK call centre a call and we will do our best to help with your PPI case.

Billions of pounds in refunds is sitting there waiting to be claimed and if we find that you are entitled to a slice of that we will do our utmost to make sure its the biggest slice possible. Remember that you are not legally bound to continue paying PPI, a simple letter to your lender can cancel the controversial policy immediately.

During your case we are always here for updates, though typically we do get in touch when there is news you can feel free to get in touch at any stage of your claim for advice or guidance on it.

Making a claim has never been easier

Noone would want to pay for a service that they would never use and was worthless, but that is precisely what is happening with millions of people in the UK. PPI was mis-sold to an estimated 20 million people according to the Financial Serices Authority (FSA). After investigations the FSA imposed fines on some of the biggest banks in the UK and issued guidelines and regulations of how banks should compensate those who were sold payment protection insurance incorrectly.

The great news for the consumer is that we have the power of the FSA ruling behind our services and the banks know they are in the wrong, billions of pounds have been set aside to repay those who were ripped off.

Thousands of people a day are waking up with cheques from their lenders sitting on their doorsteps. Many more are realising that they have been mis-sold and are starting the process of claiming back their money. We can help anyone who believes they were mis-sold the policy get back the money that is rightfully theirs. START YOUR CLAIM TODAY!

Get back money that is rightfully yours

In May 2010 a High Court ruling was passed to back up the services we offer to get back 100% of the compensation. The ruling from the High Court orders lenders who mis-sold PPI to repay the premiums plus compensation of the interest and a gesture of good will to those elgible. We take the hassle away, at no point will you ever need to wait in line on the phone to deal with your lender, we do it all for you.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to make a claim, give our team a call.

We can guide you through the charges on the paperwork, help you understand the process and work out wether you have PPI or not. The more documentation you have the better, but we can explain all that on the phone or during a home visit. There are many 100% geniune PPI policies out there, but the large majority of them were mis-sold and we know exactly how to spot the dodgy ones.

We have helped shed loads of people with there claims and our team is ready to get your PPI claims started right away, get in touch using the form above or give us a call to get started today.

Remember that if we do not think your case will be succesful, we will be honest and tell you, of course we can investigate the case fully but we never waste your time and will never charge you unless we win!

10 Reasons to use us for your PPI claim

We believe in complete transparency and to give you a bit more of an insight into why we believe our PPI reclaiming service is the best in the country we have put together a top ten reasons why you should use us to get your compensation.

1. We have decades of experience in the market

Our team are all industry experts, every person is highly experienced and knows how to get the best for you in any given circumstance. Everyone from the call centre, team leaders and managers are very friendly and knowledgable so no matter who you talk to you will have all your questions answered.

2. We are quick, effective and only deal in quality

We operate a slick system, all of which are tailored to get you the best result in the quickest time. With some companies they only deal in volume, so you don't get the hands on experience and personalisation as you do with us.

3. We will only take on your claim if we are confident

Unlike many other claims companies we only take on your case if we are confident in winning and because we have all the skills in house to identify what is and what isn't a potential winning case we can tell you straight away. We don't beleive in wasting your time, our success rate is very high becasue of this.

4. Our fees are 20%

There are absolutely NO ADDITIONAL FEES with our claim process, though there may be a small fee payable to your lender if we need to access your data there is nothing else. We charge 20% for a highly skilled PPI manager to process your claim, chase your banks and get your refunds to you as quick as possible.

We do offer a home visit service, which is an optional extra if a customer chooses, for this there is a small fee or it can be done on a 25% basis. Though with the home visit, there is a very large chance that additional claims will be found, one customer thought he had 2 claims, a week later we processed 48 cases for mis-sold PPI with his lenders.

5. Our specialist team take the pressure off you

Chasing a PPI claim can be frustrating, especially if you have little knowledge of the workings of it all so let us do it on your behalf. We do everything, once you sign a Letter of Authority we can act on your behalf to talk to the bank and understand what accounts you have that could have been mis-sold on. We then look to chase the bank and your refund for you, there will never be any need for you to sit in a cue and wait for the bank to answer your call.

6. We dig deeper and find more claims

Our experience has taught us that digging deep is essential, we go the distance to identify those extra claims that could be hidden away.

We have had many customers who approach us with no knowledge of any PPI but after our searches have found that they have been charged thousands throughout the years.

7. Anytime there is a change with your claim, we let you!

There is no need for us to call you all the time and no need for you to worry about the process. We will let you know as soon as there is any change to your case, usually this is mainly at the start of the case (first 2 weeks) and then there is often a 5-6 week period of inactivity where the bank will be processing your case, often they don't say anything until they make you an offer.

8. We are always available for advice or to check on progress

Unlike many other CMC's we don't believe that a dedicated customer service area is suitable, we beleive that if a customer wants an update or a progress check they should be able to talk directly to the people that know the answers. So, our inbound calls go straight to those who can give you the answers you want, they do not sit in a queue waiting.

9. We maximise the compensation you receive

We are PPI professionals, we dig deep to try and un-earth PPI on policies you may not have been aware of. One of the reasons PPI was mis-sold over the years was that it was attached without the knowledge of the consumer. We will endevour to find out if there are any other cases with your banks.

10. You wont just be a number

We do not have 400 staff and piles of paper mounting up in rooms full of the same. We stay small, agile and customer focused for a reason. We focus on quality and satisfaction so you know you will never just be a number.

11. We specialise in PPI, nothing else

We couldn't fit all our advantages into ten things, number 11 says it all really. Some claim companies do this that and the other, debt management, investment mis-selling and wills to name a few. We don't, we specialise solely in PPI because again quality is everything.

Simple process

Some useful information about claiming PPI

Frequently Asked Questions

We like to be up front and transparent, because of that we have created a large database of PPI frequently asked questions so you can get all the answers you need to make your claim. We have put together guides on everything you will need to know to claim back PPI, how long, who mis-sold it, why you are eligible, when you will get your money and much much more. So, click a few of the links below and check them out:

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How do I find out if I have PPI?

The best way is to get some or all of the documents you have out and give us a call, or use the enquiry form, typically we call you straight back anyway. We can then guide you through and tell you what to look for on your documents and statements. The other option is to use our online guides to get all the information you need to find out if you are eligible to make a claim.

What happens after I have applied?

Once you have applied with us we do all the legwork on your behalf, we chase the bank for information and chase your compensation You just sit back and wait for your cheque to arrive. We keep everyone updated as soon as there is any change to your claim. Typically 5-6 weeks will pass where there will be no change to your claim, but soon after we hope to get in touch regarding an offer. Once you receive your compensation we will invoice you for our fee, which is 20% if your successful. We will not charge you a penny unless you win.

Who mis-sold payment protection insurance

Some people believe that the huge mis-selling scandal that surrounds the PPI claim market was limited to the back-street lenders and the lower profile banks. Far from it, some of the biggest banks in the UK and the world were as guilty as some of the smaller firms for the routine mis-selling.

Banks such as Lloyds, Barclays, Alliance & Leicester, Natwest and RBS were some of the biggest offender. A & L actually got the biggest fine imposed by the FSA for the scandal.

Lloyds have the most complaints lodged against them each year for mis-sold PPI but they are also the biggest bank in terms of total customers so this should be expected.

It is estimated that there are some 20 million policies in the UK eligible for a refund. Banks routinely sold the insurance to customers who didn't want, need or ask for.

Why was I sold something I didn't need?

You are not alone, there are thousands of people wondering the same thing.

High street banks routinely sold PPI to people who didn't want it, need it or were even eligible to have it in the first place.

Some of the common reasons for the mis-selling are shocking. Banks told applicants that it was compulsory or that having it with their application for personal finance would give them a better chance of acceptance.

In some cases sales people added it to the account without even asking or the customer had rejected it.

More devious tactics also occurred, for example those in self employment or retired were sold it even though they could never use it. Many people who had alternative cover were not asked about it, also people were not told it was an optional extra and could be purchased elsewhere.

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